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15 April 2018 10:07 | dibaca 8 kali

Duta Anugrah memberikan Promo Khusus di momen bulan April tahun 2018 ini. Special Promo ini berupa harga khusus untuk produk Sarung kursi atau Chair Cover bahan Spandex Lycra (warna kilap dof) dan khusus untuk kursi banquet atau kursi susun. Informasi bisa dilihat di https://goo.gl/RCBSx8

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Commercial Table Linens, Tablecloths & Napkins For Hotels.

27 Februari 2018 12:36 | dibaca 14 kali

A luxurious tablecloth and pressed napkin are an important part of the dining experience. Duta Anugrah supply a wide range of hotel, restaurant and catering table linens. Top restaurants expect nothing but the best and we make no compromise in the quality of our table linens. Our range includes tablecloths…

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spandex lycra chair covers

13 Februari 2018 07:21 | dibaca 7 kali

It is no wonder Spandex lycra banquet chair covers are the top selling chair covers at Duta Anugrah. Spandex Lycra Chair Covers, Create an elegance atmosphere that will remembered for years. They cover the entire chair, so you cant see the legs of the chair and Includes elasticated reinforced foot…

Harga Sarung kursi

11 Februari 2018 00:23 | dibaca 15 kali

Duta Anugrah menjual sarung kursi untuk kursi futura, merek chitose maupun kursi napolly. Untuk harga sarung kursi bisa dilihat di website http://www.dutaanugrah.com/price-list .

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cover chairs

05 Februari 2018 00:49 | dibaca 9 kali

At Duta Anugrah, we offer many different types of chair covers which are suitable for wedding and other occasions. All sorts of size and colors available.