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GoldTool TCT-1900RD Lineman's Test Set

The TCT1900 Lineman' s Test Set is a new design to provide both DTMF ( touch tone) and dial pulse output. It features line-powered operation, so no extended power is required unless operating on low voltage or dry circuits.


Offer the latest in integrated circuit design, provide the industry standard packed with popular features.
Talk/ Ring/ Monitor three kind of tests function.
Switchable tone or pulse dialing.
The Hi impedance monitor will not disturb data conversation, or signaling.
LED indicates reversed polarity.
Protection against excesseive voltage, transient ringer signals, and direct connection to most batteries and power supplies.
Volume control-3 position control for up to 12dB of gain.
Water-resistant extra protection against severe weather conditions.


Loop limit : 4K ohms max at 48VDC ( 5K meter - 26 Ga non loaded) nominal 15 mA minimum loop current.

DC resistor : 150 ohms Typical at 80mA current.

Monitor impedence :

Low impendance - 600 ohms Typical at 1KHz ( Ring position)
Hi impendance - 100K ohms Typical at 1KHz ( Monitor Position)

Rotary dial output

Pulsing rate : 10 + / - 0.5 pulses/ sec
Percent break : 60% + / - 2%
Interdigital pause : 8.5ms Typical
Leakage during brek : > 50K ohms

DTMF Output

Tone frequency error : + / - 1.5%
Level of tone pair : + 2dBm max, -8 dBm min.
Low vs. High tone difference : -4 dBm max

Dimension ( L x W x H) : 22.4 x 7.12 x 7.0 cm
Weight : 400 g

What s Included

1 x tester
1 x manual
1 x 6P4C 28AWG cable

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website : www.rajasurvey.net

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